The SRG Story from the beginning.

The Sues family moved to Texas in 2009 to try and get away from the heavy civil industry where Tim Sues worked 15 hour plus days with a single day off every 90 to 100 days. He was recruited to Texas by IESI and managed several landfills and recycling facilities in Fort Worth area. He eventually found his calling in Real Estate, but, to understand the journey and to know more about Tim you have to start in the beginning.

Tim Sues grew up very simply in a 15’ trailer in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California, and, the Bitterroot Mountains of Salmon, Idaho. Tim’s father was a hemophiliac and Tim had to learn the skills of an I.V. Nurse, performing lifesaving 500-1500cc of freeze-dried plasma intravenously to his father at the age of 10 years old. Tim and his father didn’t have the means to eat on a daily basis and he was bullied at school. Tim met this challenge head on and began his first company at the age of 12, splitting and stacking firewood for those that needed to prepare for winter. Tim gave his earnings to his father, except enough to buy clothes that weren’t from a thrift shop, to hopefully reduce the bullying at school. This type of physically intensive working all day splitting wood with the tools he carried on his back (20lbs splitting maul and a 20lbs sledgehammer along with a few steel wedges) miles on the way to and from customer’s homes. This hard work and miles of packing 50 plus pounds of equipment changed Tim’s physical characteristics and his confidence in himself. Soon Tim and his father ate on a more routine basis and Tim with his developed strength and confidence stopped the bullying and eventually became a decorated football and track athlete in his High School. Tim’s father passed away when he was 16 years old. Tim was left with his grandparents and coaches to finish preparing for the rest of his life. He lost a full ride dual scholarship to Fresno State University for football and track, by making a poor decision and riding dirt bikes on the weekends that resulted in a spiral fracture of his left femur. Without the means to pay for higher education Tim left the mountains that he loved to enter the heavy civil construction industry where his Uncle Jack was a Master Mechanic in the IUOE International Union of Operating Engineers. Tim worked his way up through the ranks, by continuously educating himself and always trying to be the hardest worker and fastest learner. Tim started as a Laborer and moved up the ladder of professional growth in the following order, Equipment Operator, Grade Checker, GPS machine model programming, Foreman, Superintendent, General Superintendent and eventually Project Manager for Kiewit Construction on multi-billion-dollar projects. Through Tim’s journey of leaving the mountains and building his career, he met what he says is a gift from God, Suzanne Sues, the most beautiful person inside and out, she had two young children already and they had two more together and have shared life’s adventures together for the last 30 years, thick or thin, full or flush, their love has grown over the last three decades. Last year they went back to the Mountains of Idaho and renewed their wedding vows. Tim and his family moved to Texas to get away from all the travel that working in the Heavy Civil industry demands. He took a position as Director for the civil side of Landmark Structures. Soon, he found himself traveling the US, developing business and working with the companies 32 civil teams around the country. His family asked, if we moved to Texas to have you home more, why are you never home? This made him make a life-changing career move to Real Estate. He approached real estate the same as he has everything else in his life, head on and dive deep and learn to be the best. He learned quickly that not many, if any, can work the same hours or overcome challenges in the same way, with the same positive results as those that come from a background such as the one he is blessed with. He quickly grew from Agent to Broker within the minimum amount of time allowed by TREC and has doubled his production every year for the 5 years he’s been in real estate. In 2019 he represented 147 customers buying or selling their homes producing over $23M in sales. He believes his number one role is to shield his clients from the pitfalls that arise through real estate transactions, weather the client is buying, selling or needing properties managed, SRG is here for you. As Tim says if you need an expert with a one of a kind background, a proven life of success, he is looking forward to hearing how he can serve your needs. He always says work with SRG so you can.